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Taking your baby to the beach is a great idea in theory. In reality, your first attempts are usually a disaster. Honestly, if your baby isn’t eating sand we consider it a successful trip and sometimes even if they are. Here I will share some baby at the beach advice based on some of the mistakes we made early on.

1. Trash sweep

Unfortunately, many beaches are littered with trash. When picking a beach spot, survey the area for trash left behind. Keeping in mind that: 1. They will find the tiniest speck of danger with their super power eyesight and 2. They will put everything they find in their mouth.

2. Provide shade

There are a ton of cute baby cabanas out there you will be tempted to buy. Good luck keeping them inside of it once they’re on the move. We love the Graco Pack ‘n Play Sport. It keeps your beach babe contained and has a UV protective canopy you can use to protect them from the sun.

3. Leave your book at home

A mistake only a first time Mom like myself would make. Obviously don’t do this. Your child is lost without you and will need your full attention.

4. Sunscreen application

Sunscreen should be available to reapply every 30 minutes. When choosing a place to do this make sure to keep them out of the sand. The mixture of sand and sunscreen stuck to their skin is a special kind of nightmare. We suggest laying down a new sheet and reapplying sunscreen there. After you apply carry them around for a few minutes to allow the sunscreen to dry.

5. Keep a sand free car seat

Do not bring it on to the beach with you. It can be tempting when they are little and are comfortable relaxing or napping inside. The sand situation later will make you insane. IT. NEVER. GOES. AWAY. We also recommend changing them out of their swimsuit, even if they did not get wet, before putting them inside to head home. They got sand all up in those baby rolls. Trust us.

6. Don't give up 

During your first few trips to the beach, it is highly likely something will go wrong. Don’t get discouraged or down on yourself about your planning skills. Laugh through the chaotic situations that encompass motherhood. The beach has become one of our baby’s favorite places to be and it can be a fun destination for you and your children as well.



There is nothing we love more than seeing new parents successfully bond with their babies in the water. Include the hashtag #oliviaandocean or tag us in your pics @oliviaandocean to share these moments with us.