1. Time it right 

The sooner you introduce your baby to the water the more likely they are to grow up to be confident swimmers. Take advantage of their instinctive swimming ability and lack of fear while you can. We first started swimming with our daughter when she was 4 months old.

2. Be sun safe 

Definitely better safe then sorry on this one. Even if your baby’s swimwear claims to defend against UV rays, apply a mineral based sunscreen all over their skin 15 minutes before sun exposure and putting on their swimsuit. Our favorite sunscreen is made by Babyganics. If your baby is like ours, they will scream at the top of their lungs throughout the sunscreen application process. Carry on Mom.

3. Warm things up 

Babies are unable to regulate their body temperature well on their own. It is important to not submerge your baby in water that is either too cold or too warm. Doing so can be dangerous. Our pediatrician identified a safe temperature range for babies as being 86 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep them safe and take away the initial shock of entering the water for you both.

4. Cuddle action

Skin-to-skin carrying while introducing them to the water will help you both feel confident and connected. Your baby will likely hold on to you tightly once they are in the water opening up the opportunity to learn and earn trust between mom and baby.

5. Be nice to their skin

Baby skin is amazing! It’s hard to believe our skin was once that soft and flawless. Keep it that way by not overexposing their skin to sun or harsh chlorine. It’s a good idea to keep your swim sessions to under 30 minutes during their first year.

6. Sink bath party 

Once you got some quality bonding time in the water, a sink bath is in order. Use your soap of choice to wash off all remnants of chlorine and top them off with some baby lotion to rehydrate. We are obsessed with the smell of this classic baby lotion. Though you may be tempted to huff it, control your inner mom urges.

7. Cuter when wet 

Just when you thought it was impossible for your baby to get any cuter. You dip them in water and their little eyelashes stick together and flutter. We are true believers that babies are cuter when wet and dare you to challenge this belief. Enlist someone to take pictures of your time together in the water to capture the extreme cute levels.


There is nothing we love more than seeing new parents successfully bond with their babies in the water. Include the hashtag #oliviaandocean or tag us in your pics @oliviaandocean to share these moments with us.