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Goodbye with Gratitude

Goodbye with Gratitude

This is incredibly difficult to write, and even more so to post. So I am going to get right to it, Olivia + Ocean is going out of business. Due to a long list of supply chain challenges involved in producing our swimsuits locally being further complicated by recent factory closures, coupled with the change in demand we have seen during what are traditionally our busiest months of the sales year and the seasonality of our product offering, we do not have a viable path forward. Those are the specifics from a business logistics standpoint.

Here are the personal specifics that weigh the heaviest. Most of you have seen the meme circulated that reads, “When you make a purchase from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.” Well what we are experiencing now is the opposite of that, if you can imagine. Olivia + Ocean has always been personal. I founded this business, together with my brother, almost 5 years ago after being laid off from my full time tech job. Olivia was 9 months old and I was processing the fact I had missed so many moments during those 9 months working for someone else. Moments I would never get back. The Mom guilt was real.

Before I founded this business, a new 27-year old Mom living in Los Angeles, I had close to zero friends with kids. I had a foot in both worlds and was trying to find my place. Through this business I have made almost every Mom friend I have today. Through events, partnerships, customers, photoshoots, etc. Those mothers have taught me so much without even knowing it. They helped me find my footing. Today Olivia is 5 and to be honest I don’t know who I am as a mother without this part of me. I am scared of how I will be perceived moving forward. I am worried I won’t make the type of connections I have made in the past that have been such an important part of my personal support system. Most of all, I am scared of standing out on my own and admitting failure.

Many times over the past 5 years when things have gotten tough I have told myself, “This is when people normally quit. If I want to succeed I have to be strong and work through this. That is how I am going to make it.” I can’t say exactly why this time is different. But I am certain this is the time to close this chapter.

As I write this, so many of you are dealing with unique unexpected changes and losses brought on by the current circumstances of the world. My heart is with every one of you. We will find our footing again, together.

Starting today all remaining inventory will be 60% off. If you are in the position to support us, it would mean so much. If you have followed along for years or purchased a suit in the past, we would love to hear about a happy time you had with your kids in our suits. Because that is really why we started this thing in the first place, because so many of our happy childhood memories happened in a swimsuit. 

With love and gratitude,

Danielle + Michael


Some of our favorite moments with you over the years. THANK YOU for sharing your spirits full of sunshine with us.