Made in America by a Mama: Parasol Co.

Made in America by a Mama: Parasol Co.

The Founder of Parasol, Jessica Hung, is a mom on a mission to elevate the level of convenience and style associated with everyday baby essentials. Parasol has spent years developing an environmentally friendly diaper with an ultra-soft top sheet layer that provides comfort to your child unlike any other. We can all agree that safe and eco-conscious baby products are a must in 2017. But Jessica goes even further, delivering chic design and accessibility in a stale market. Doing so has came with it’s challenges. She was kind enough to share a peek into her life as a mother, wife and business owner and had some true gems of knowledge we eagerly soaked up. We know you will too!

Tell me your kids names and ages.

I have two children. My son, Eric, is 16-years old and my daughter, Nikki, is 12-years old.

When did you found Parasol and what inspired you to start your business?

At the beginning, one of our cofounders had 5 young kids. He realized that there were not a lot of options of diapers to purchase or convenient ways to access them. He reached out to me with the idea. We did a lot of research and market analysis and quickly agreed a subscription service was needed. Beyond that we wanted to provide parents with great design and variety. There are a lot of ways to make life more interesting.

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Tell us about what your relationship with your manufacturer looks like. 

To say that we are extremely close is an understatement. They love me and hate me. I am always pushing them to make the impossible, possible. For most manufacturers everything is about scale, standardization and automation. I challenge this mentality and philosophy and push them to focus on the small details and smaller product runs in order to deliver the highest-quality product possible. I have found it is very important to understand their perspective in order to find solutions that work for them. Find solutions, do not just demand things. 

Our headquarters are located in Orange County and that is where the magic happens. However, I also oversee all product sourcing. We source our product from all over the world in an effort to deliver the absolute best product possible. But it isn’t the number of visits you make that is important it is about long term engagement. Last year I traveled to 26 different countries.  These relationships are extremely important to me. I work tirelessly on them. 

What is the best advice you have for other mothers and business owners ? 

(There is long laugh and pause before getting into this question.) Women today wear many hats. When you are business owner you are tough and focused. When you are a wife you are lovely and supportive. When you are a parent you are nurturing and patient. It is hard to summarize how capable a business woman and mother is. It is a great time to be both. This is the greatest generation for information, technology, and tools to help you live your best life. If you do it smart you can get a lot of quality time with your kids regardless of how busy you are.

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What is your favorite part about growing your company while being a mother?

I am able to show my children the opportunity they can attain when they grow up if they work hard enough. I get to show my kids the value of life through doing. I love getting to be that role model.

What advice would you give a fellow mother looking to start her own thing?

I think they have to be brave. They have to know the beginning is difficult but continuation is even harder. Understand the bad things happen for a good reason. It requires a belief that unusual things will happen and will happen in a way that is going to be unexpected.

Tell me about what Parasol has in store for us this summer? What are you most excited about?

We have fun new diaper designs, as well as new personal products coming soon! More than those things though, we are most excited about the interactions we will get to have with our subscribers. Seeing them share excitement and ask for new products is what carries us.

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