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Mother's Day Art: A Collaboration with Mattie Taylor Photography

Mother's Day Art: A Collaboration with Mattie Taylor Photography

The beach + motherhood are basically our favorite things. So our Mother's Day Art collaboration was totally intuitive. We knew we wanted to do something special for all of you to celebrate the Mother's Day holiday and had been a fan of Mattie's work for some time. After moving to Austin, Texas finding a way to bring the beach into our home (other than the sand everywhere inside, which I weirdly kinda miss about life in Santa Monica!) became a top priority. We curated 6 original art prints with a classic California cool vibe, inspired by the waves of motherhood. 

We are offering a free print with every swimsuit purchase May 6th - May 12th because we love all of our Mom customers and want to celebrate you.

We interviewed the talented photographer, and soon to be Mama, behind the art. She totally nailed our creative inspiration and we are so thrilled to share more about her below...

Hi Mattie! Tell us a little bit about you :)

Hello! I grew up in San Diego, California, in a little beach town called Encinitas. I was your typical beach kid spending my summers all day at the beach. After I graduated, I lived in the Philippines serving a mission for my church which was an amazing experience. Once I returned home, I met Seth and we got married in San Diego. We currently live here with our chihuahua named Beach who I have had since I was 11. She's our child for now but we are also having a baby this summer! Right now my husband is in law school, and I am a family photographer. I’ve been a photographer for 6 years now, and it is my way of supporting our family at this time. I love it!

mom bod one piece swimsuit black olivia and ocean swimwear

Mattie wearing our Mom Bod One Piece in Onyx Ribbed

What inspires your photography?

I have always loved being able to remember a moment more vividly by having the chance to look back on a photograph of that time. My photography style is described as fun, bright and colorful. It’s hard not to take a million pictures when I live in such a beautiful place, and it’s so fun getting the chance to share the way that I view my surroundings with others.

Tell us about your process creating this special collection of images for our collaboration?

I couldn’t be happier to have this opportunity to work with Olivia + Ocean, a company I love for so many reasons. All of these photos were taken at the beach. For me, the beach is a place I go to have fun, relax, and even get away from things during difficult times. It's a place I truly feel happy and at peace, and some of my very best memories throughout my life have happened there. I want people to be able to have a taste of that joy whenever they view these images in their home.

olivia and ocean mother's day art prints mattie taylor photography
 "You, Me, and the Sea" can be purchased here

So you’re pregnant with your first (Congrats!!!) , a boy, what has been the most surprising part about pregnancy so far?

It is so hard! Haha I mean, everyone has always told me how challenging it is (and I haven’t even experienced labor yet), but it really is no joke! I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity I have to grow a human, but at the same time I can’t deny that it has honestly been a very challenging time for me emotionally and physically. I know that he will be well worth it though!

What part of becoming a Mom are you most excited about?

I can’t wait to watch my boy grow up and learn new things. I am also looking forward to showing him places around the world that I love.

Best Mom advice you have received so far?  

“Prioritize what’s important to you.”

There are so many mothers that I admire and am inspired by for all different reasons. For example some are amazing with cooking and health, some are great with art and adventure. I wish that I could be an expert in everything but the truth is that’s just unrealistic for anyone! As a mother I’ve decided to prioritize a few things to focus on that are important to me, and I’m going to just be “okay” at everything else!

mattie taylor photography collaboration with olivia and ocean

We love talking baby names around here. What are the baby names on your list?

That’s the question our whole family would love to have us answer already! Even since we were dating, my husband and I had a list going of baby names we loved. As of now, we are set on the nickname that baby will go by, but we’re still divided on the full name. What’s funny is I’ve actually gotten used to the name my husband likes and he’s gotten used to the name that I liked, so now we can’t choose!

What is on your summer bucket list for 2019?

My one and only set plan for this summer is to have a baby! I’m excited to take my boy to the beach and eventually get in the water and surf again, it’s been awhile for me and I miss it a lot!

olivia and ocean mother's day beach art print collection

"I'm Just Peachy" can be purchased here


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If you are in Southern California and interested in hiring Mattie to create beautiful images for you. You can learn more about her services here