The splash pad is a fun outdoor activity that will keep your child entertained and cool during those long summer days. Of course, we are partial to any outdoor activity that involves water! Here are Olivia + Ocean’s tried and true tips and tricks for a successful splash pad outing.

1. Mind the drought.

Most splash pads are city owned. Many cities have been making efforts recently to regulate water use. The splash pad you frequented last summer may have a new schedule or may not be operating at all. Before you put all the effort into getting your kids packed up in the car, make sure you check your splash pad’s current days and hours of operation.  

2. Swim diapers are best.

Our favorite swim diapers can be found online here. Pack a few extra in your bag. Changing their diapers often is important to keeping the splash pad clean and safe for everyone as the water is recirculated.

3. Put on swimsuits and sunscreen at home.

Sunscreen takes some time to become effective. Get them in their suits and lather on the sunscreen prior to heading over. By the time you get there they will be protected. Once there, reapply every 30 minutes.

4. Wear non-slip water shoes.

Although the surfaces of most splash pads are made of material to prevent them from slipping. They are also usually at public parks. You never know what may be left behind on the floor. We recommend these cute waterproof sandals  to keep them safe.

5. Don’t plan to be there for two hours.

Even on a hot day, kids can get cold being outside in the splash pad water for too long. We have found that 30-45 minutes is the perfect amount of time for them to enjoy it before their lips start to chatter and it is time to wrap them up in a warm towel and head home.

6. Bring lots of water to drink.

Active children need a lot of water on a hot day and the splash pad water is not safe for them to drink. If your child is at an age where they will listen to you (we use that phrase loosely), be sure to warn them not to drink the water.

7. Pack the essentials.

Sunscreen, extra swim diapers, sun hats (if they will keep them on), towels, water, dry clothes to change into and a few plastic bags to transport wet items home. Oh and snacks. Never leave home without snacks!