I Love Mom Bods

In 2018, Olivia + Ocean is on a mission to reclaim what the label "mom swimsuit" means and redefine it to be sexy, empowering, functional and modern like today's Mom who does it all with style. 

We designed a swimsuit with the unique needs of the post baby body in mind and are excited to share it with you very soon!

Through connecting with Moms of all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds, we learned that self-love in a swimsuit is difficult for everyone. 

We also learned the common threads around what Moms are looking for when it comes to support, functionality and design. We used this insight to create the perfect swimsuit for YOU. 

Mom swimsuits are a new category for us. As a small family owned startup, we need your help to bring this important product to life! Which is why we have chosen to open orders via Kickstarter. 

We passionately believe the mom bod has made miracles happen and deserves some love.

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